ADJD Management based in Peoria, IL is the property maintenance manager of the MAXAM Building at 316 SW Washington Street in downtown Peoria. This mixed use commercial and residential condo building houses businesses on floors 1 – 4 and residential units on floors 5 – 6. While residential leasing is NOT handled by ADJD Management, we can put you in touch with the condo owners of available units if interested.

Additionally, ADJD Management owns 27,000 square feet in the MAXAM Building with half of the 1st floor and all of the 2nd floor. The 1st floor restaurant is leased by Bollywood Bites Bistro and the 2nd floor is leased by Simantel and The Waterhouse. The Waterhouse Suite (8,537 square feet) is currently available for lease for an office/creative use tenant. 

Photos courtesy of Christopher McGuire Photography!